BG16RFOP002-3.005 „Sustainable energy development of the Bulgarian enterprises through supporting the activity of the Sustainable energy development agency (SEDA)“



  for submission of project proposal(s) under direct grant award procedure


Directorate General „European funds for competitiveness”, Managing authority of Operational Programme “Innovation and competitiveness” 2014-2020 (OPIC 2014-2020) invites the Sustainable energy development agency (SEDA) to submit a project proposal under direct grant award procedure: BG16RFOP002-3.005 „Sustainable energy development of the Bulgarian enterprises through supporting the activity of the Sustainable energy development agency (SEDA)“ under Priority Axis 3 „Energy and resource efficiency of the enterprises“, Investment Priority 3.1. „Energy technologies and energy efficiency“ of OPIC 2014-2020.

The general objective of the procedure is to ensure an integrated approach for focused and coordinated application of energy efficiency (ЕЕ) measures and energy from renewable sources (RS) in all economic sectors by rendering institutional support to the activity of SEDA for improving the capacity for realization of EE and sustainable energy development measures.  

The grant procedure is realized with the financial support of the European Union through the European regional development fund.  

The indicative budget under the procedure is BGN 3 715 504,67.

Eligible for funding are the following activities:

1). Preparation/execution of analyses, research (incl. surveys), studies, assessments and others, necessary for:

1.1. Establishment a system for gathering and maintaining information about main indicators for energy intensity (effectiveness) by economic activity sectors in Bulgaria.  

1.2. Gathering data about the final and primary consumption in the Industry sector by processes and types of fuels and energy, as well as about the consumption of energy from renewable sources.

2). Exchange of experience abroad in the area of the energy modeling and forecasting the effect of the applied measures for improving the energy efficiency (ЕЕ) and for using energy from renewable sources (RS), based on the TIMES model generator.

3). Development of type contracts with guaranteed results (ЕСКО contracts) for providing energy efficiency services for implementation of measures improving the energy efficiency in the companies, incl. SMEs.

4). Organization and conducting of informational campaigns for popularization and raising the awareness about:

4.1. Improving the effect and benefits from applying EE measures and RS energy within the enterprises.

4.2. Popularizing the application of the ЕСКО mechanism and its benefits.  

5). Development of manuals/ instructions/ guidance on energy efficiency management within the enterprises, incl. methodological guidelines for conducting energy efficiency audits of enterprises.

6). Organizing and conducting of seminars/ trainings for energy managers in energy efficiency management and BDS EN ISO 50001 in enterprises, incl. SMEs.

7). Organizing and conducting of seminars for popularizing the developed methodological guidelines for conducting energy efficiency audits of enterprises, incl. SMEs.

8). Organizing and conducting of specialized trainings for SEDA employees for improving their capacity in the area of:

8.1. Supporting the industrial consumers of energy in realization of investment projects for  ЕЕ and energy recovery from RS.

8.2. Acquisition of current knowledge in the field of technologies and tendencies in the  RS energy production for own consumption and the methods for their integration in existing systems.  

9). Organizing and conducting of practical trainings for working with the input-output products (VEDA FE, VEDA BE) and for establishing models with the TIMES generator.

10). Development and/or upgrade of informational systems, incl. informational system for servicing “Help desk”/electronic registers/data bases/specialized software products or electronic services, incl. development of new functionalities, in the field of the energy efficiency and the RS energy.

11). Consultancy services for development of documentation for the envisaged public procurement procedures under the project, incl. technical specifications.

12). Activities on organization and management of the project(s). 

The full package of documents (Requirements for Application, Requirements for Implementation  and their Annexes /only in Bulgarian language/) are published on the following Internet address: www.opic.bg and on the European structural and investment funds information portal: www.eufunds.bg.  

The submission of project proposal(s) under the present procedure is done entirely electronically by filling in a web-based application form and submitting the application form and the supporting documents through the „Е-application“ module of the Information system for management and monitoring of EU funds in Bulgaria 2020 at the following Internet address: https://eumis2020.government.bg.

The first deadline for submission of project proposals is 5 pm on August 28, 2019.

The second deadline for submission of project proposals is 5 pm on September 27, 2019.